• News HeadlinesCursing is good for the heart the opinion of a cardiologist 1

    Cursing is good for the heart : The opinion of a cardiologist

    (ORDO NEWS) — Cursing in the modern world is taboo and in some way prohibited: the public utterance of obscene language is considered an administrative offense. Nevertheless, no one forbids swearing in narrow circles, but on the contrary, they even recommend doing it! Several studies have already proven the positive impact of obscene language on…

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  • News HeadlinesCursing has been shown to boost self confidence

    Cursing has been shown to boost self-confidence

    (ORDO NEWS) — And obscene language can give a surge of physical strength and contribute to more risky behavior. This conclusion was made by scientists from the UK. It is known that foul language contributes to the release of negative emotions, which is why a person, being angry, can get some moral relief. In addition,…

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