Cursing has been shown to boost self-confidence

(ORDO NEWS) — And obscene language can give a surge of physical strength and contribute to more risky behavior. This conclusion was made by scientists from the UK.

It is known that foul language contributes to the release of negative emotions, which is why a person, being angry, can get some moral relief. In addition, there are studies showing that the mat helps to reduce the sensation of physical pain (when immersing the hand in ice water).

And swearing increases the persuasiveness of speech and physical strength. However, very little research has been devoted to the latter fact, so scientists from Keele University (UK), led by the same Dr. Richard Stevenson, who did similar research in 2018, decided to focus their efforts on this aspect of obscene vocabulary.

This time, scientists conducted two experiments: the first involved 56 people, and the second – 118 (63 men and 53 women, two people chose not to report their gender). First, the physical strength of the subjects was assessed.

They had to perform physical exercises with the help of a chair. In the first case, without uttering the curse, in the second, after they had spoken it aloud. In the second experiment, volunteers inflated a virtual balloon.

The goal was to make it as big as possible without letting it burst. At first, this was also done without uttering swearing (neutral speech was used instead), and then with uttering.

It was found that swearing increased both physical strength and risky behavior (its level increased by eight percent). The repetition of curses contributed to the fact that the person perceived the situation rather with humor and, as it were, “let go” of difficulties.

This helped increase self-confidence and reduce levels of fear and apprehension. Therefore, researchers believe that obscene language can be useful – for example, when preparing for public speaking.


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