• WorldMan finds 2 000 year old bronze nude with huge phallus using metal detector 1

    Man finds 2,000-year-old bronze nude with huge phallus using metal detector

    (ORDO NEWS) — A 69-year-old man, working in a stubble field in Lincolnshire, discovered an unusual figurine, apparently depicting the Roman god Mercury with a huge phallus on a hinge. The bronze figurine of a nude dates back to the first century of our era! A group of researchers worked in a stubble field with metal detectors. They were ready to find anything, but not this thing – a Celtic bronze figurine with a huge penis on a hinge: in…

  • News HeadlinesIn the Bronze Age Mesopotamia millet was grown 1

    In the Bronze Age Mesopotamia, millet was grown

    (ORDO NEWS) — This seriously changes our understanding of the development of agriculture and the transfer of agricultural technologies in Eurasia. Agriculture scientists call the main economic activity in ancient Mesopotamia. But here the methods of its conduct were very different from those typical for other areas of early agriculture. In the summer there, even in slightly more humid Northern Mesopotamia, it was so dry that typical cereals grew poorly, crops grown in the wetter months did not always provide…

  • News HeadlinesBronze Age stone board game found in Oman 1

    Bronze Age stone board game found in Oman

    (ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists working in the deserts of the Middle East have discovered a board game in an ancient settlement that people played four thousand years ago. The excavations are carried out as part of the Omani-Polish project “Development of settlements in the mountains of Northern Oman in the Bronze and Iron Ages” under the joint leadership of Professor Piotr Bieliński from the Polish Center for Mediterranean Archeology of the University of Warsaw and Dr. Sultan al-Bakri from the…