Migration of the first people to America was associated with climate change

(ORDO NEWS) -- Oregon State University scientists have identified two time periods when climate change

A 16,000-year-old stone weapon was found in America

(ORDO NEWS) -- In America, ancient stone tips were found, which are at least 16

Abu Bakr II: Did the king of ancient Mali visit America

(ORDO NEWS) -- History textbooks still teach children that Christopher Columbus initiated the first contact

Scientists have figured out why there are so many black wolves in America

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7 times people discovered America

(ORDO NEWS) -- Christopher Columbus reached America in 1492, but he certainly wasn't the first

Underground “Lost Sea” of America has not yet been fully explored

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7 new species of ferns discovered in the rainforests of America

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Indigenous peoples in America and Australia harvested huge amounts of oysters without harming ecosystems

(ORDO NEWS) -- Indigenous peoples in North America and Australia harvested oysters sustainably for thousands

Archaeologists have refuted the sensational hypothesis about the colonization of America

(ORDO NEWS) -- A new, multidisciplinary, large-scale study has challenged a recent hypothesis about an

Huge ice wall blocked ancient entrance to America

(ORDO NEWS) -- An ice barrier up to 300 stories high taller than any building

Who destroyed the last giants of America

(ORDO NEWS) -- It has long been believed that the Portuguese explorer Magellan was the

Who killed America’s last giants?

(ORDO NEWS) -- It has long been believed that the Portuguese explorer Magellan was the