A 16,000-year-old stone weapon was found in America

(ORDO NEWS) — In America, ancient stone tips were found, which are at least 16 thousand years old.

This find may be the oldest weapon ever found on US soil. A total of 13 specimens were found. All of them lay in cylindrical pits mixed with animal bones.

The tips were given to scientists from the University of Oxford for research. They said that such a weapon was most likely manufactured using the “technology of rod tips”. Thanks to it, ancient people made weapons from various materials.

Scientists noticed in the tips found similarities with samples from Japan. It turns out that the technique of working with materials somehow got from Asia to America.

Alternatively, ancient humans could have sailed to America along the Bering Strait and the Pacific coast. But for now, this is just a guess.

If evidence for this is not found, then one logical explanation will remain: the same methods of processing stone simultaneously appeared in different regions.

The indigenous people of America, the Nes Perce tribes, could have created this weapon thousands of years ago. At least this is what modern representatives of this people say.

The find was discovered on the banks of the Salmon River in the state of Idaho. The Nes Perce used to inhabit this area. Their ancient village was located here .

Much more research needs to be done to establish more information about this weapon. The fact is that there is no genetic evidence that could logically connect the ancient weapon masters and modern Nesperse.

Clovis points were previously thought to be the oldest weapons found in America. They were cut from a better quality stone, and had fluted ends.

This weapon is approximately 13 thousand years old. Although, for the sake of fairness, it is worth noting that the shape, condition of the stone and the appearance of the nes-perse tips are simply amazing.

Everything was preserved in excellent condition.


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