Sydney resident finds a snake in a salad bought in a supermarket

(ORDO NEWS) — Australian Alex White did not even suspect that an ordinary trip to the store on Monday, April 12, 2021 would be an unusual adventure for him, and the ride home on a bike with a salad and a snake in his backpack will be remembered for a lifetime. Writes about it ABC News.

Buying lettuce in a Sydney supermarket, he received a unique bonus from nature as a gift – a snake that was quietly resting among the leaves of lettuce in a plastic wrap.

Arriving home, Alex can’t believe my eyes. As soon as the salad was unpacked on the kitchen table, it seemed to him that a worm lurked in the lettuce, but when he saw the tongue and heard the clicking and hissing, it immediately became clear that this was far from a worm.

Later, White and his partner Amelia Nate noticed that the plastic packaging had previously been damaged and the snake could crawl out at any time. So they quickly packed the reptile along with the salad in a plastic food storage container and called the rescue organization WIRES.

WIRES Reptile Coordinator Gary Pattinson said that although the snake was less than 20 centimeters (8 inches) long, it was “as venomous as possible.”

As it turned out, a venomous pale-headed snake that made an 870-kilometer (540-mile) journey to Sydney from a packing plant in Toowoomba, Australia, was accidentally wrapped in plastic with two heads of lettuce, and Alex became the proud owner of it.

Pattinson is currently caring for the snake until it is returned to Queensland next week, in line with WIRES ‘policy of returning rescued wildlife to their natural habitat.

In an interview, Pattinson said that after the frogs that occasionally come across in food packages, this is the first snake he has ever encountered in sealed, packaged food.


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