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Strangest laws for car owners from around the world

Strangest laws for car owners from around the world 1

(ORDO NEWS) — Driving abroad can be a daunting experience at best, and not obeying the rules of the road can land you in serious trouble. Some of them may seem obvious, while others are completely strange.

Great Britain

Did you know that in the UK you cannot use your phone to pay for travel?

Even many British drivers are oblivious to this fact, but it is part of a new tightening of the rules for using a phone while driving.

If you get caught, it can lead to a fine.


Don’t mess with camels.

Throughout the UAE, camels are considered “important symbols”, so even in the rules of the road they are highly respected.

If a camel is seen on the road, you had better give way to it and let it pass.


In the US, you can turn right at a red light if the road is clear.

Most US cities allow drivers to do this as long as there are no other vehicles nearby.
This driving rule has the potential to save a lot of time wasted on the road.

But you should find out in advance where these rules do not apply. For example, in New York it is strictly forbidden to turn on a red light.


In India, in order to reduce air pollution, drivers are required to have a pollution control certificate, which allows the authorities to determine if a vehicle is environmentally friendly.

If you get caught driving without one, it can lead to a hefty fine.


In Canada, on Prince Edward Island, you are required to honk when you pass other vehicles.
It sounds very strange, but in fact it is illegal not to honk.

Although many Canadians consider this rule obsolete, and it is unlikely that you will be held liable for not signaling, it is always best to check with the locals just in case.

South Africa

Road users in South Africa do not need to purchase insurance while driving.

While not technically required, many drivers are still encouraged to purchase one.


Unclosed cars receive fines.

It is illegal by law in most areas of Australia to leave your car unlocked unless you are inside.

The next time you go to the supermarket or mall, make sure your car is locked.


Motorists in Cyprus are prohibited from eating or drinking anything while driving their vehicles, including water. If caught, they face a £75 fine.

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