Strange lights were observed by eyewitnesses in the sky over Othello (USA)

(ORDO NEWS) — Over the American city of Othello (Washington), an eyewitness observed a group of strange lights. He managed to capture this strange phenomenon and publish a video on the Web.

According to an eyewitness, he noticed these lights on the way home. They hovered over the farm shop next to his house. The man captured the strange lights on video.

The eyewitness reported that this was the first time he had seen something like this, but it was clearly not airplanes. The lights began to move, but there was no noise from them.

The eyewitness was driving home at that time, and when he arrived, the group of lights froze in the air and continued to circle over the nearest house.

He took the last picture, entered the house, and a couple of minutes later, when he went outside, there was nothing there.

Renowned ufologist Scott Waring commented on this video, which he had previously watched several times. The ufologist believes that this phenomenon was not a reflection on the car glass. In the video, you can also see how the mysterious lights disappear behind the trees at the 51st second.

Most likely, Scott Waring was not so sure about the alien origin of bright lights, so he called this video “very interesting.”

This means that first you need to more carefully study all the circumstances of what happened, and then draw the appropriate conclusions.


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