Storm Eunice toppled Newton’s apple tree at Cambridge University Botanic Gardens

(ORDO NEWS) — A clone of the original apple tree from which the apple allegedly fell on Isaac Newton’s head is destroyed by record-breaking storm Eunice that hit the UK.

Eunice set the record for the fastest gust ever recorded in England, at 196 kilometers per hour

Garden curator Dr Samuel Brockington tweeted that the tree was planted in 1954 and stood at the entrance to Cambridge University’s Brookside Botanical Garden for 68 years.

According to Brockington, the tree was cloned from the tree that led Sir Isaac Newton to discover the laws of gravity. Ironically, the original tree was also downed by strong winds in the 19th century.

The doctor noted that although the fall of the tree was a “sad loss” , before that it suffered and slowly died due to the honey fungus.

The Cambridge University Botanical Gardens have prepared for the impending death of the Newton’s apple tree – there are three more grafted clones. Two cuttings are in the Botanical Garden, and they will be planted in the near future.

“We hope that, thanks to remarkable science, our ‘Newton’s apple tree’ bud will remain in the botanical garden’s collections ,” Brockington said.

According to popular legend, Newton discovered the law of gravity after an apple fell on his head. But how true is this legend?


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