Solar ‘tsunami’ causes radio outage ahead of solar storm’s direct impact on Earth

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(ORDO NEWS) — The sunspot explosion triggered a solar flare towards the Earth, turning off radios and raising radiation concerns among high-risk airline passengers ahead of a predicted solar storm strike.

A solar storm is already brewing and will collide with the Earth’s magnetic sphere. The phenomenon of space weather is a perturbation of particles ejected by electromagnetic eruptions of the Sun. It will occur after sunspot AR2975 flared up on March 28, causing a so-called solar flare.

Solar tsunami causes radio outage ahead of solar storms direct impact on Earth 2

Sunspots form in places where magnetic fields are particularly strong and look like dark spots on the surface of the Sun. A solar flare is a sudden burst of energy caused by entanglement or crossing of magnetic field lines near sunspots.

The flare caused a “solar tsunami” that swept through the Sun’s atmosphere. An M-4 class flare caused a radio outage, according to space weather physicist Tamita Skov. This happened in anticipation of a solar storm, which grew until the collision. Ms Skov tweeted:

Solar tsunami causes radio outage ahead of solar storms direct impact on Earth 3

“Today’s M4 flare caused an R1 radio outage, and now the S1 radiation storm is growing!” The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) explains that “solar radiation storms occur when a large-scale magnetic eruption, often causing a coronal mass ejection and associated solar flare, accelerates charged particles in the solar atmosphere to very high velocities.”

On the NOAA space weather scale, these storms are ranked from S1 to S5, from the lowest intensity to the highest.


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