See how a star is born in the center of the “hourglass”: An amazing photo of the space telescope

(ORDO NEWS) — The James Webb Telescope captured stunning images of the star as it formed two clouds in the process of birth, resembling halves of an hourglass.

The most beautiful photograph of a newborn star, enclosed between two clouds of red and blue, is striking in its details.

A very young star, known as L1527, is hidden in the dark by the edge of a spinning disk of gas at the mouth of an hourglass.

However, light spills from above and below the disk, illuminating the hourglass-shaped clouds. Clouds are created by material ejected from a star colliding with surrounding matter, the statement says.

According to scientists, the thinnest layer of dust is observed in the blue parts, and the thickest in the orange parts.

A protostar that is only 100,000 years old and in the very early stages of star formation is not yet capable of generating energy through fusion.

Star in the center of the clock

The protostar is located in the Taurus molecular cloud, the center of star formation, where hundreds of near-formed stars lie about 430 light-years from Earth.

The James Webb Telescope, which has been in operation since July, is the most powerful space telescope ever built, and has already produced many unprecedented data, and stunning images.

Scientists hope that this device will help herald a new era of discovery.

The image taken by Webb shows clouds emanating from the newborn star.

The color of these clouds can only be seen in infrared light, so they were never seen before they were captured by the James Webb Telescope’s NIRCam infrared camera.


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