Scientists uncover how Earth’s most active volcano formed

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Monash University (Australia) managed to establish how the Kilauea volcano appeared on the island of Hawaii, recognized as the most active on Earth, writes Nature.

This volcano belongs to the shield, that is, formed in the process of its own eruptions. Magma, spreading over a large area, forms a vast, but not too high volcano.

In such cases, due to the thick layer of solidified magma, it is difficult to extract samples of the primary material that was at the site of the volcano.

This complicates the process of geological research. However, scientists were able to collect material from the underwater part of Kilauea.

The analysis of these samples helped to elucidate the process of volcano formation. So, geologists found out that the focus of volcano activity is located at a depth of 90 to 150 kilometers.

Thus, it turned out that Kilauea is not only the most active on Earth, but also has the deepest magma chamber among all volcanoes.

Approximately, it arose 210-280 thousand years ago on the ocean floor in the southeastern part of the coast.

After 100-150 thousand years, the peak of Kilauea appeared above the surface of the water. In fact, it is with neighboring formations that forms the Hawaiian Islands.


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