Scientists recorded the movement of the border of taiga and tundra to the north using images from space

(ORDO NEWS) — The border of taiga and tundra is gradually shifting to the north. Scientists came to this conclusion based on images from space, said Anatoly Petrukovich, director of the Institute for Space Research (IKI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“A gradual movement of the border of taiga and tundra to the north is recorded. This indicates not a one-time increase in temperature, but an accumulation of changes. And such observations have not only ecological, but also political significance,” Petrukovich said in an interview with the Russian Space magazine.

According to the director of IKI, the institute has created a huge archive of space observations of the Earth – more than 4 petabytes. “Unfortunately, 95% of this information was received from foreign satellites,” he added.

As explained by Petrukovich, these data contain information on the state of the ocean, the Earth’s vegetation cover, and ice cover, which makes it possible to track long-term climate changes across the entire set of parameters.


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