Scientists have found out whether the Earth’s magnetic poles will change in the near future

(ORDO NEWS) — Specialists have recently begun to think about the fact that a change of magnetic poles can occur.

The reason for this was not only a change in the strength of the Earth‘s magnetic field, but also the emergence of a giant magnetic anomaly, which is located above the Atlantic Ocean.

In this regard, another study was conducted, which made it possible to establish whether there is a risk of a change in the magnetic poles of our planet in the near future.

The magnetic field is necessary in order to protect everyone who lives on the planet from radiation coming from outer space.

Charged solar particles and cosmic radiation can bring the most harm. At the same time, the magnetic field does not remain stable all the time. Once in about 200 thousand years, the poles change places with each other.

Experts note that over the past 200 years, the magnetic field has become weaker by about 10%. Near the coasts of South Africa, Brazil, and also over the Atlantic Ocean, areas have arisen where there is an incredibly weak magnetic field.

This area was named the Brazilian or South Atlantic magnetic anomaly. In this region, charged solar particles have a more noticeable effect on the operation of near-Earth satellites. Some of the equipment even stops working when it crosses this anomaly.

This led to the assumption that in the near future there may be a change in the Earth’s magnetic poles. At the same time, the study showed the opposite result.

Employees of Lund University, which is located in Sweden, during the study created a model of the state of the planet’s magnetic field over the past nine millennia.

To do this, a variety of rocks were carefully analyzed, which were able to provide information about the magnetic field over a huge period of time.

The model showed that phenomena like the South Atlantic Anomaly occur at regular intervals. The reason for this is the change in the strength of the planet’s magnetic field.

This was told by Andreas Nilsson, who works at Lund University. He also added that, most likely, the resulting anomaly will disappear in about 300 years.

In addition, experts have found that in the near future the poles of the Earth will not change places with each other.


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