Scientists found evidence of the existence of the axis of evil in the universe

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — To obtain the necessary confirmations, experts carefully studied more than 200 thousand galaxies in our Universe.

Astronomer Lior Shamir from the United States found that galaxies in our universe rotate subject to certain rules. He studied more than 200 thousand galaxies and noticed that the way the galaxies rotate and their direction allows you to create some kind of quadrupole picture.

This cannot be an accident. Lior Shamir is convinced that the early Universe could be one huge galaxy and rotate like those that exist today.

Galaxies can rotate behind and counterclockwise. Depending on this, the spectrum of light waves will shift in one particular direction. If there is a red shift, then this indicates that the object is rotating from the observer. In the case of the blue shift of the spectrum, the rotation occurs towards the observer. Given the fact that our Universe is isotropic, the number of galaxies that rotate behind and counterclockwise should be approximately the same.

The scientist was able to establish that there are more of those galaxies that rotate clockwise. The approximate ratio is 51:49. This asymmetry is fully consistent with the established quadrupole structure.

This can only happen if our Universe moves along four different axes at once. This is proof that the axis of evil still exists, although some experts say that the data obtained could be somewhat incorrect due to the “pollution” of sufficiently bright light that comes from the Universe.


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