Scientists discovered what a feathered dinosaur looked like 67 million years ago

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from the Museum of Natural History and Science of New Mexico established the appearance of the only feathered dinosaur that lived before the mass extinction 67 million years ago.

The creature, which had claws almost 13 cm long, was called Dinebellator. According to experts from the Pennsylvania State Museum, this species was the last predator. The dinobellator had incredibly sharp nails and strong paws, due to which it easily broke the prey.

“Bird of Prey” reached a height of one meter, and in length – a little more than two meters. She had a large and powerful tail. Dinebellator can be compared to a velociraptor, but only the second less bloodthirsty predator.

Reconstruction of Dineobellator notohesperus standing over a nes a

The remains of a dinobellator were found in San Juan (New Mexico) in what is called the “dinosaur cemetery.” Among the remains were a skull, spine, ribs, legs and wings.

The tail of the creation was massive and served as a counterweight, thanks to which dinosaurs could run much faster. They were great hunters. It is from such creatures that modern birds originated.


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