Scientists discovered the oldest planet in the universe

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers have discovered the oldest planet in the universe. According to scientists, its age is about 10 billion years. This planet is located at a distance of 280 light years from Earth. The group’s research was presented at the 237th meeting of the American Astronomical Society. This was reported in The Astronomical Journal.

The oldest planet in the universe was discovered by astronomers using the TESS telescope in the TOI-561 star system in the Milky Way galaxy. This object is 1.5 times larger and 3 times more massive than the Earth, but the presence of extreme conditions on it allows us to make the assumption that life on it cannot exist.

The period of rotation of the ancient planet around the star is 10.5 hours. Due to the fact that the planet is constantly turned to the luminary on one side, its surface is heated to a temperature of 2480 degrees Kelvin (2207 Celsius). There are also two more planets in this star system.

“TOI-561 b is one of the oldest rocky planets ever discovered,” said astronomer Lauren Weiss of the University of Hawaii.

According to astronomers, the existence of such ancient planets suggests that life could once have originated on them. If, for example, we consider the age of the Earth, then its age is 4.5 billion years, of which 500 million years there is life.


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