Scientist from Harvard claims to have found an alien ship

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(ORDO NEWS) — Physicist from Harvard University Avi Loeb believes that at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean there is a crashed alien ship. He is going to conduct a mission to raise this device from the ocean floor.

The scientist notes that an alien ship crashed in the immediate vicinity of Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. The professor’s conclusions are based on the recently declassified reports of the US Space Command.

They note that in 2014, the first interstellar object fell to our planet. There is information in the documents that it could be a meteorite that came from a nearby star system.

“If an interstellar meteorite is discovered and studied, it will allow obtaining a huge amount of new information and conducting numerous studies. The main question in this situation remains whether this object has a composition that can indicate its artificial origin. It is also interesting whether certain technological components could survive such a severe drop,” says Loeb.

In the near future, the professor plans to test his own theory. For this, he will use lifting magnets, which will help to get a space object from the bottom of the ocean. He noted that he has long dreamed of pressing at least a few buttons on equipment that was not made on our planet.

After it is possible to retrieve the object from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, it will be possible to study this interstellar substance, its origin and composition in detail. The professor hopes to get quite a lot of valuable information that will be used by other scientists.


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