Robots learned how to cut peaches and avocados

(ORDO NEWS) — The new robotic system is able to cut objects from materials with different densities. This allows you to remove as much pulp as possible from a peach, mango or avocado, bypassing the hard stone.

In order for robots to become full-fledged human assistants in performing various household tasks, including in the kitchen, it is important for them to learn how to cut objects consisting of parts of different densities.

We do it ourselves, almost without noticing, when we peel a mango, cut the pulp from a peach or an avocado. However, for machines, this ability has so far remained unattainable.

This problem was solved only now, when the American developers introduced the RoboNinja system.

RoboNinja includes a robotic gripper arm armed with a sharp knife and a pressure sensor that can monitor the material’s resistance to the blade.

The system makes a trial cut until it hits a hard bone, then raises the knife and repeats the action.

During several such cuts, a computer algorithm generates a three-dimensional model of the bone, taking into account its size, shape and orientation inside the fetus.

Robots learned how to cut peaches and avocados 2

Based on this data, the system finds the optimal path for the blade to remove the maximum amount of pulp.

To select this trajectory, artificial intelligence is used, which was previously trained in a virtual environment, “cutting” different objects, consisting of soft and hard parts.

Finally, the manipulator with the knife rotates at a different angle to the fetus and repeats all operations until it has completely cleared the bone.

RoboNinja has been successfully tested in reality by processing an avocado fruit.

However, the scientists do not consider their work to be completely completed and plan to improve the system, supplementing it with even more complex skills for cutting objects of inhomogeneous density.

In the future, she will even be able to peel cucumbers or apples, becoming a truly useful apprentice in the kitchen.


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