Researchers believe that SWIFT J0503.7-2819 is an intermediate polar

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers have investigated an alternating X-ray source known as SWIFT J0503.7-2819. The results of the study suggest that this source is an intermediate polar. This discovery was detailed in an article published September 22 on

Cataclysmic variables (CVs) are binary star systems in which a white dwarf accretes material from a companion star. KP unevenly increase the brightness many times, and then again return to a state of rest.

Polars are a subclass of cataclysmic variables, distinguished from other CSs by the presence of a strong magnetic field in white dwarfs.

In some CPs, where the white dwarf has a moderate magnetic field, accretion occurs through a truncated accretion disk. These systems are known as intermediate polars.

Located about 2730 light-years away, Swift J0503.7-2819 (J0503) is a variable X-ray source. J0503 was first discovered in 2015. Scientists have suggested that this may be an intermediate polar.

To test this hypothesis, a team of astronomers led by Nikita Rawat from the Aryabhatta Research Institute (ARIES) in India made X-ray observations of J0503 using NASA’s Swift and ESA’s XMM-Newton telescopes, as well as optical observations using NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey satellite.

(TESS). The study was supplemented with data from the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) catalogue.

Observations have shown that J0503 has an orbital period of approximately 81.65 minutes. The rotation period of the white dwarf is 65.5 minutes.

Astronomers speculate that J0503 is out of sync because the companion star has a low magnetic moment. Thus, it cannot enter into synchronism, like almost synchronous intermediate polars and systems such as EX Hya.

The study showed that J0503 is accreting from the stream. In addition, the identified energy-dependent pulsations are apparently due to photoelectric absorption in the accretion flow, which is one of the unique characteristics of most intermediate polars.


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