Reincarnation the Pollock sisters were reborn as twins

(ORDO NEWS) — Losing a child is the worst nightmare for any parent; losing two children at the same time is simply unbearable.

It was this unfathomable scenario that happened to John and Florence Pollock in 1957. The couple’s beloved children, 11-year-old Joanna and 6-year-old Jacqueline, tragically died when a car hit them while walking on a road in Hexham, England.

Unthinkable tragedy

The circumstances that led to the tragic end of two little girls made their fate even more unpleasant for their parents and two older brothers. The ill-fated girls were deliberately run over on their way to Sunday school by a woman who had just “lost” her own children after a heated and bitter custody battle.

Before leaving her home that morning, the depressed woman took large amounts of barbiturates and painkillers. The drugs reportedly played a pivotal role in the woman’s reasoning that “if she can’t have children, then neither should anyone else.”

Investigators said the restless driver crossed the lane, jumped to the side of the road and drove over a stone wall, hitting three children.

Two of them, Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock, died before help arrived. Their companion died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. In the end, the killer of children was placed in a psychiatric clinic.

Experience the death of girls

It is clear that the vile and disturbing way in which their beloved daughters died changed the lives of John and Florence Pollock forever.

As is often the case in such traumatic cases, each of the grieving parents chose their own mechanism for coping with mourning, which contrasted sharply with the mechanism chosen by his/her partner. Florence Pollock preferred never to talk about the tragedy, considering the loss “too fraught with suffering to think about it.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, John Pollock “liked to think about dead girls, though not necessarily obsessing over how they died.”

Despite the couple’s different methods of coping with the incomprehensible tragedy they endured, it is possible that they were given a miraculous panacea that helped heal their wounded souls.

Unlike everyone else who has ever endured the psychological and spiritual torture of such a loss, Mr. and Mrs. Pollock seem to have received a reprieve from their suffering.

Birth of twin daughters

In an effort to immediately bridge the gap that had formed in their lives, John and Florence were expecting a child over the next year.

Reportedly, despite the categorical opinion of doctors, John Pollock firmly believed that his wife was carrying twins, and reported this to all the spouses’ acquaintances as a fact. Interestingly, when the day of the birth came, Mr. Pollock was right, while the doctors were wrong. Florence Pollock gave birth to a pair of identical twin girls.

The couple named the girls Jennifer and Gillian. And although the newly awakened maternal instincts prompted the mother of the twins to love her new children with all her heart, Florence Pollock kept a hole in the core of her being from the sudden and violent loss of her previous daughters.

However, in a miraculous (and mysterious) way, the new pair of Pollock daughters were able to fill the void in their mother’s heart, not just replacing their predecessors, but perhaps becoming them!

Were the twins the reincarnations of Joanna and Jacqueline?

What became a phenomenon began as a coincidence. When Jennifer was born, a number of birthmarks were noticed on her body, which were located in the same places where Jacqueline’s noticeable marks were. For example, Jennifer was born with a birthmark on her forehead in the exact spot where Jacqueline had a scar.

Also, in the case of most identical twins, any birthmarks (or lack thereof) are common to both babies; however, Gillian did not have any of the birthmarks that Jennifer and the late Jacqueline had.

Although no other strange physical similarities were seen between the newborn twins and their deceased siblings, a number of striking comparisons began to emerge during the former couple’s formative years.

Striking Comparisons

When the twins reached the age of two – the age when the couple could begin to communicate and express their desires – curious cases began to occur.

Request for old toys

One of these verbalized desires was a request to bring some toys that belonged to deceased twin sisters. The remarkable thing about this request is that the girls had no idea about these toys.

The girls’ parents packed their previous daughters’ toys shortly after their deaths and never took them out again. Moreover, the couple claimed that they never discussed their dead children in the company of twin babies.

Visit to the old park

A few years later, little girls turned to their parents with a request that turned out to be very disturbing. As a preface to this mysterious incident, John and Florence Pollock moved from Hexham, Northumberland, where they raised (and lost) Jacqueline and Joanna.

The parents moved to a village called Whitley Bay when their new twins were less than a year old. The couple decided to change the scene and start over with a clean slate to accompany what was essentially a new family.

And yet, when the twins were four years old, the couple finally decided to pay a return visit to their former community.

While touring the neighborhood, Mr. and Mrs. Pollock were stunned to hear the twin girls simultaneously and spontaneously request to visit the neighborhood park. Both girls were able to not only describe the various features of the park, but also map out the route to it as well as any four year old can!

According to Mr. and Mrs. Pollock, as well as various investigators who subsequently investigated the Pollock case, until that day the children had never been in the park, or even in the village of Hexham.


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