Pirates’ sabers found in burned Greek monastery

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists during excavations in an ancient monastery in northern Greece discovered weapons of Turkish medieval pirates. Experts believe that the sabers found could have been lost during the raid.

Experts have identified it as a type of saber that was widely used in the 14th century. The dating of the weapon has allowed researchers to link it to an armed raid on the monastery, which also took place in the 14th century.

Perhaps the saber was lost during the battle. By the way, the monastery was securely fortified. This suggests that raids were a common thing for him.

The question is, who exactly owned the saber – one of the pirates or the defender of the monastery? As archaeologist Errikos Maniotis, a doctoral student at Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic), explains, the style of execution of the discovered saber is unusual.

The study of historical sources made it possible to establish that such curved single-edged swords were used by both the Turks and the Byzantines in the 14th century.

“It is difficult to determine whether the sword belonged to the Byzantine defenders of the monastery or, more likely, to the Turkish invaders,” says Maniotis. “They both used the same weapon at that time.”

By the way, the ruins are located on the Halkidiki peninsula, about 64 km southeast of Thessaloniki on the northwestern coast of the Aegean Sea.

The monastery itself, according to archaeologists, was destroyed by fire during one of the raids in the XIV century.

Historical records mention a monastery that has stood on this site since at least the 11th century. True, scientists do not know whether it was an independent monastery or was a kind of “embassy church” of the Athos monastery, once the most powerful religious institution in Halkidiki.


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