Physicists create a quantum computer “based on” black holes

(ORDO NEWS) — The team of physicists has a plan to create a tiny wormhole that could act as a quantum teleporter connecting two points in space.

To do this, you just need … two quantum entangled black holes – objects with interconnected quantum states. Note that all this reasoning is not as crazy as it might seem at first glance.

Simple physical truths say that nothing can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole. However, according to the latest research from several years ago, two entangled black holes are able to exchange quantum information without destroying it.

In other words, black holes are capable of demonstrating quantum teleportation, which engineers use in practice to create quantum computers.


Creating quantum entangled black holes in the laboratory is beyond current scientific capabilities, but University of Maryland researchers Christopher Monroe and Brian Swingle believe they can create a miniature quantum circuit that behaves like entangled black holes. Simply put, they are creating a model that behaves 100% like real black holes would.

Scientists will submit quantum information that will “climb” to the event horizon of the first black hole, and then they will try to extract it from the second black hole.

Physicists create a quantum computer based on black holes 2

Teleportation device

The authors of the study do not plan to create giant black holes and wormholes in the universe. They use knowledge about the structure of the universe to improve the technology of quantum computing.

“Recreation of the properties of quantum entangled black holes will allow us to instantly teleport huge amounts of information,” said physicist Norman Yao.


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