Physicists believe that time is not real and everything happens at the same time

(ORDO NEWS) — Time is just an illusion made up of human memories, everything that has ever been, will be and is happening right now. So say scientists who seek to unravel one of the mysteries of the universe.

There is nothing in the laws of physics to indicate that time must move in any direction we know. The laws of physics are symmetrical, meaning time could easily move backwards as well as forward.

Indeed, some Big Bang theorists say that time will run backwards when the universe stops expanding and starts contracting.

Some physicists have come to the conclusion that time is just a human construct that we have in our heads.

They claim that there is a “block universe” where time and space are linked, otherwise known as spacetime.

The theory proposed by scientists, reinforced by Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, states that space and time are part of a four-dimensional structure, where everything that happened has its own coordinates in space-time.

That is, the past and the future still exist in spacetime, which makes everything equally important as the present.

MIT physicist Max Tegmark said: “We can picture our reality either as a three-dimensional place where something happens over time, or as a four-dimensional place where nothing happens (“block universe”), and if this is really the second , then change is an illusion, because nothing changes. Everything is just there at the same time – past, present, future.

“At any moment we think that the past has already happened, and the future does not yet exist, and that everything is changing.

But all I’ve ever known is the state of my brain right now. The only reason I feel like I have a past is because my brain contains memories.”

Julian Barbour, British physicist and author of several books on the subject of time, describes everything as a series of “buts”.

Dr. Barbour responded to physicist and writer Adam Frank in On Time: Cosmology and Culture at the Twilight of the Big Bang: “When we live, it seems to us that we are moving through a sequence of zeros, and the question is, what is it?”

He explains, adding to the theory of space-time where everything has its own place: “You can think of it as a landscape or a country.

Every point in this country is the Present, and I call this country Platonia, because it is timeless and created according to perfect mathematical rules.

He adds that what we perceive as the past is just an illusion formed in our brain and nothing more.

Dr. Barbour: “The only thing you have about last week is your memory. But now memory comes from a stable pattern of neurons in your brain.”

“The only evidence of Earth‘s past is rocks and fossils. But these are just stable structures in the form of an arrangement of minerals that we are considering in the present.

The thing is, we only have these historical records, and you only have them now.”


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