Physicists asked volunteers to send photos of mysterious atmospheric discharges

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists launched the Spritecular Citizen Science Project to collect data on sprites and other rare high-altitude atmospheric discharges. This was reported on the project website.

Sprites look like reddish flashes above the clouds. They occur above cumulonimbus clouds much higher than ordinary lightning, at an altitude of 50-100 kilometers or higher.

They are hard to spot and were only reliably detected for the first time in 1989, but the nature of the sprites is still not entirely clear.

In this regard, Burku Kosar from the US Goddard Space Flight Center decided to collect a large-scale database to study this phenomenon.

Therefore, within the framework of the new project, anyone will be able to register on the project website, undergo training and start posting pictures, indicating the type of discharge and the time and place of shooting.

From the collected images, the researchers will form an extensive database of amateur observations of the discharges, which will be available to other scientists and will allow more detailed studies of these phenomena.


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