Physicist explained how the Sun and the Moon affect the occurrence of earthquakes

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(ORDO NEWS) — The entire history of the Earth is a constant succession of large and small tremors.

Hundreds of earthquakes occur every year on the planet. How the Sun, the Moon and other celestial bodies are involved in this process.

the force of attraction between the Sun and the Earth makes our planet shrink and decompress like a tennis ball. This affects the state of the layers that make up the Earth: core, mantle, crust.

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The processes that become the prologue to earthquakes begin there. And the tremors themselves occur at the points of contact of tectonic plates, which are located on the surface of the Earth.

It’s no secret that billions of years ago the map of our planet looked very different. This process is ongoing. The moon also influences the birth of tremors.

“We know that the moon is the cause of the tides. The moon, as it were, attracts masses of water to itself, tidal waves are formed.

But such forces from the side of the Moon and the Sun attract not only the liquid shell of the globe, but also what is inside, too. Waves arise in the Earth’s mantle.

The temperature in the center of the planet reaches several thousand degrees above zero. Thanks to such a source of heat, our planet does not cool down to temperatures that are critically dangerous for life.


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