Perseverance rover captured the sphinx on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA’s Perseverance is currently studying the ancient river delta that provided liquid water to Jezero crater billions of years ago.

The rover analyzes rocks and also collects samples that will be brought to Earth in the next decade.

The latest image taken by the rover shows what the human imagination is capable of. This effect is called the pareidolic illusion.

Pareidolia is when a person sees the outlines of familiar objects in random images. For example, looking at the rosette you can see human faces, and in the stones of a funny shape – a familiar animal.

The Martian rocks are no exception, with everything from the famous “face” that actually turned out to be a hill to ” secret doors ” discovered on the Red Planet.

Some users compared the object detected by the rover to a cat that tucked its paws and tail under itself. Others have called the stone find a miniature sphinx, sitting alone in the middle of the Martian desert.

What does this stone remind you of?


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