Perseverance has found an alien object on the surface of Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Just a few days ago, the NASA Perseverance rover transmitted new photos of the surface of Mars to Earth.

On one of them, you can clearly see an alien object that is completely uncharacteristic of the Red Planet. In its appearance, it resembles half-eaten spaghetti or a small ball of rope.

An interesting picture was taken by the front camera of the Perseverance rover. It is with its help that the study of the local landscape takes place. Also, experts use this camera in order to choose suitable places for further research.

Most likely, the discovered ball of rope on the surface of the Red Planet appeared directly as a result of the landing of the Perseverance rover.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that some time ago the device repeatedly found next to it parts from the equipment that scattered around during landing.

The Perseverance rover was delivered to the surface of the Red Planet at the end of February 2021. The landing was very dramatic. The rover was lowered to Mars using a special descent stage.

After that, she flew to a safe distance in order to crash without damaging Perseverance. In this regard, the debris of the landing stage can be scattered over a fairly large area on the surface of the Red Planet.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that now the NASA rover is exploring an incredibly important territory for science.

The device is located in the Jezero crater, where, according to experts, the river delta could have been located for a very long time. In this area, presumably, ancient life could exist.


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