One of the secrets of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids has been revealed

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(ORDO NEWS) — The question of how the Egyptian pyramids appeared remained a mystery for historians for a long time, supporters of conspiracy theories even said that they were brought down to Earth by aliens in Giza. But now scientists say they may have found the solution.

This is reported by The Daily Star.

The Cheops pyramid has 2.3 million blocks of limestone and granite, each weighing about two tons. Without modern technologies, such as lifting cranes, it is difficult to imagine how in ancient times it was possible to transport and stack huge slabs.

But now an international team of archaeologists believes that the mystery may have already been solved. The Egyptians could transport giant stones to Giza through a tributary of the Nile River.

A team of archaeologists sent five samples of petrified soil from Giza to a French laboratory. The researchers looked for signs of pollen and vegetation that are typically found in the area of ​​the longest river on the African continent.

But the efforts were not in vain: in this way, it was possible to confirm the existence of Khufu, a waterway that enabled the ancient Egyptians to transport large building blocks of the pyramids.

“I was interested in this because it was possible to confirm that construction materials were transported by water,” said geologist Khader Sheisha in an interview with journalists.

Without this tributary of the Nile, it would have been impossible to build such impressive ancient structures.

But although it is long gone, Sheisha believes that such a discovery could lead researchers to uncover new secrets of the ancient Egyptians. According to her, learning more about the environment can solve part of the mystery associated with the Egyptian pyramids.


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