Norse mythology: the supreme goddess Frigga and her broken heart

(ORDO NEWS) — Frigg is the Norse goddess of fertility, motherhood and prophecy. She was the wife of the supreme god Odin, therefore, she was higher in status than all other female deities.

One day, from a prophecy, Frigga learned that the life of her son Balder would soon end, so she decided to do everything possible to save her own child from death.

The goddess descended to the earth’s firmament and made contact with all the elements, animals, plants and even diseases in order to secure their promise not to harm Baldr.

Unfortunately Frigga missed the harmless mistletoe

Loki, the god of cunning, deceit and deceit, learning about Frigga’s oversight, made an arrow from the mistletoe branch and invited Hod, Balder’s blind brother, to practice archery.

At some point, Loki gave Hod an arrow from the mistletoe, pointed his bow at Baldur and ordered to shoot. The arrow hit right in the heart. Hod unknowingly killed his own brother.

Frigg is also known for giving rise to the word Friday (Friday), which comes from the Old English word “Frigg’s day” (eng. “Frigg’s Day” or “day of Frigg”).


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