New amendments to Canadian laws will ban astronauts from committing crimes on and on the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — Canadian astronauts will no longer be allowed to rob and kill on the moon and in space: the government of the country is going to amend the criminal code, according to which the commission of illegal actions in space is considered a crime.

It will now be harder for Canadian astronauts to rob and kill while flying to the moon

According to Gizmodo , if the amendments are passed, then any crime committed on the moon or during space flight will be treated as if it were committed in Canada.

The laws were expanded after Canada joined NASA, the European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency for the joint Lunar Gateway project.

Could Canadians have committed crimes in space before?

Surprisingly, before the new amendment, Canadian astronauts could commit crimes against other Canadian astronauts while on the International Space Station (ISS) without legal consequences. However, there are nuances.

The 1998 Intergovernmental Space Agreement, which Canada (along with other countries) signed, states that the authorities of the perpetrator’s home country should conduct an investigation.

However, if the victim is a citizen of another country, then that country has the right to be aware of the progress of the investigation and seek jurisdiction in this matter if it believes that justice has not been served.

Therefore, not everyone can be robbed and killed in space (but only their compatriots).

Have crimes been committed in space?

In 2019, the New York Times reported on the first possible “space crime” committed on the ISS. NASA astronaut Ann McClain was accused of unauthorized access from the ISS to the bank accounts of a former partner. However, a year later, the court found the accusations false.


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