NASA’s lunar rocket boosters will soon expire

(ORDO NEWS) — After the start of the Artemis I expedition to the moon was once again postponed a couple of days ago due to tropical storm Nicole, a new problem was discovered in the NASA rocket.

In mid-December, Space Launch System (SLS) solid-state rocket boosters will expire.

NASA’s lunar rocket is initially boosted by two solid-state rocket boosters that lift the super-heavy fuel tank and the Orion spacecraft into the upper atmosphere.

After multiple delays, the launch of the SLS has been pushed back from November 14 to November 16 due to the threat of Storm Nicole, which is approaching the coast of Florida.

However, there are now concerns that several components of solid-state rocket boosters may expire before launch.

If the launch of the SLS does not take place before mid-December, then NASA will have to check the status of the accelerators, which will accordingly postpone the launch date to 2023.


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