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NASA is preparing to send a helicopter to Saturn’s moon

NASA is preparing to send a helicopter to Saturns moon

Artistic depiction of a Dragonfly helicopter flying over Titan

(ORDO NEWS) — The Dragonfly rotorcraft, which the US space agency plans to launch in 2027, will explore Titan from the air. The new spacecraft will arrive on Saturn’s moon in 2034.

NASA recently decided on a landing site for the Dragonfly. It should land among the sand dunes in a region near Titan’s equator called Shangri-La, not far from Selk Crater.

The aircraft resembles a helicopter with as many as eight sets of blades about a meter long. The Dragonfly will weigh approximately 450 kilograms.

The rotorcraft will be able to reach speeds of up to 36 kilometers per hour in Titan’s atmosphere.

Scientists plan to find out what the surface of Titan looks like. The flight of this scientific apparatus is compared with the arrival of the Curiosity rover on Mars, which helped to learn a lot about the Red Planet.

Now, a similar important mission is entrusted to the “Dragonfly” – but she will have to go away and explore the large satellite of the sixth planet of our solar system.


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