NASA has published a terrible photo of the Sun this flare caused interruptions in radio communications

(ORDO NEWS) — According to NOAA, on October 4, a strong geomagnetic storm was detected on Earth. It created power surges, disruptions in radio communications and in the operation of spacecraft.

There are also reports of GPS not working correctly in some countries.

On October 2, scientists discovered strange solar activity. The star began to flare and eject coronal mass (charged particles).

This “spitting” of the Sun previously caused a powerful magnetic storm, which we wrote about here.

At the moment, solar flares have not stopped, and NASA decided to photograph this frightening phenomenon.

Solar storms are caused by solar flares, which are huge ejections of hot material called plasma from the outer layer of the sun. They can lead to colorful auroras, energizing particles in our planet’s atmosphere.

Scientists believe that the peak of solar activity will occur in 2025. This means that in three years we will face more than one magnetic storm.


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