NASA has published a 10-year solar observation cycle

(ORDO NEWS) — A total of 61 minutes of stunning video is mounted from high-resolution images taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft over the past decade.

Every second in the video represents a day in the center of the solar system.

Observe how the corona of the Sun – the outermost part of its atmosphere – flickers and burns day after day as charged plasma particles rise and fall from the surface. This is a view of the Sun, usually hidden from us because of its brightness.

A suitable epic soundtrack called Solar Observer was provided by musician Lars Leonard.

Solar Activity.

SDO collects images using different wavelengths of light for its observations, collecting details and features that would otherwise be missed. An ultraviolet wavelength (17.1 nm) was used for this video.

By taking a picture every 0.75 seconds, SDO has accumulated a staggering 425 million photos since its launch on February 11, 2010 – a total of 20 million gigabytes of data.


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