Microsoft is testing ads for its products in Windows 11 File Explorer

(ORDO NEWS) — It is possible that Microsoft is testing a new type of ad that will be shown in Windows 11 File Explorer. At least a few testers of the new build of the operating system noticed it.

It is not yet known whether ads will appear for ordinary users

During testing of the latest build of the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system, some participants in the testing program noticed that advertisements began to appear in File Explorer.

These sidebars encouraged users to try other products from Microsoft, such as the Microsoft Editor. The advertisement contained a description of the product and a link to the company’s website.

Netizens, of course, reacted negatively to the possible appearance of advertising in the “Explorer” and criticized the company.

Here’s what it looks like:

Microsoft is testing ads for its products in Windows 11 File Explorer 2

How did Microsoft respond to this?

Microsoft spokesman Brandon LeBlanc later told The Verge that it was a mistake and was not meant to be made public. Ads have been disabled for the time being.

“This was an experimental banner that was not meant to be posted externally and has been disabled, ” LeBlanc said.

Will there be ads in future versions of Windows?

It is not known if ads will appear in future builds of the software. However, what happened is proof that Microsoft is really capable of doing this. In addition, as noted by The Verge, Microsoft also does not rule out the possibility of ads in Windows 11 in the future.

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