“Matter from Mars” discovered in the ice of Antarctica

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists believe the find will help solve the intriguing Martian riddle.

Matter from Mars was found in the ice of Antarctica. Writes about this Science.

It is a yellow-brown, brittle substance known as jarosite. This mineral is present on both Earth and Mars.

Scientists speculate that jarosite on both planets was formed from dust compressed into ancient ice deposits.

This substance was first discovered on Mars in 2004, it was made by the Opportunity rover. The discovery became a real sensation at the time, because jarosite, first described back in 1872, was considered a typical earthly mineral. However, subsequent research showed that there is much more jarosite on the Red Planet than on Earth.

Researchers are still wondering how such an amount of matter was formed on the red planet.

However, the new discovery will help get closer to solving this mystery. Scientists have actually tested one of the previously put forward hypotheses. She suggests that jarosite on Mars formed in massive ice deposits that covered the planet billions of years ago.

In the future, the researchers plan to continue studying the Antarctic cores. This will determine if ancient Martian ice deposits could have been “cauldrons” and for the formation of other minerals.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have created a device to search for fossils on Mars and the Moon. The device will be able to conduct geological prospecting for the search for precious and rare metals. Researchers are going to offer it for installation on lander and rovers designed to study the Moon and Mars.


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