JAXA space agency scientist says Earth does not rotate on its axis

(ORDO NEWS) — James O’Donoghue of the Japanese space agency JAXA presented his vision of the real state of affairs regarding the rotation of the Earth and the Moon. So, at school they teach everyone that the Moon makes revolutions around the globe, and the Earth – its center. In reality, this may be fundamentally wrong.

The space agency created a video to showcase the new theory. It notes that the Earth and the Moon actually rotate relative to each other. The bodies have a joint center of mass, which is not identical with the location of the barycenter of our planet: the point is shifted 4339-4932 kilometers from the center of the Earth (the distance is constantly changing slightly).

The animation demonstrates how our planet is able to rotate along a complex trajectory in sync with the Moon. This astronomical phenomenon creates a certain effect of “dancing” objects.

The video was published on the personal YouTube channel of astronomer James O’Donoghue. The video shows how the Earth and its natural satellite will rotate relative to each other until May 14, 2023.

Previously, scientists have questioned the theory that all planets revolve around the sun. It was found that, in fact, the rotation is also carried out around the barycenter, which does not coincide with the position of the star (significant deviations). In this case, the barycenter of the Earth is only slightly displaced relative to the positions of the planet itself.


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