James Webb found the coldest ice in the universe

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(ORDO NEWS) — The James Webb Space Telescope has taken a picture of the coldest and darkest icy interstellar cloud.

Scientists from the Southwestern Research Institute, Leiden University and NASA were able to establish the composition of the ice and the dust next to it.

It turned out that this is one of the coldest and darkest places in the universe.

“The clouds are so dense that the ice is largely shielded from the harsh radiation from nearby stars.

For this reason, they were absolutely untouched from the moment they were formed, ”said study participant Danna Kasim.

Another interesting feature of the cloud is that oxygen and sulfur were practically absent in it, while they are usually contained in a certain amount in interstellar ice.

The observed proportion of these substances was only 1% of what should be there according to scientists’ forecasts.

“99% of this sulfur is hidden from us somewhere else.

We need to find out exactly where to understand how this element eventually ends up on habitable planets, ”the researchers said.

Previously, “James Webb” received detailed images of Neptune’s gas and dust rings. Such clear images of the planet were made for the first time in several decades.

The images also clearly show Neptune’s dust lanes and seven of its 14 moons: Galatea, Naiad, Thalassa, Despina, Proteus, Larissa, and Triton.


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