Is the global economy recovering from coronavirus?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The global economy is starting to get out of the crisis. Various investment bank models indicate that the bottom has already been passed. At the same time, China, from where the current crisis began, by and large, overcame the lowest point in February.

The United States also crossed that line, but two months later. It is worth recalling that the crisis began in the States later. The cause of economic problems was, as you know, the coronavirus, or rather restrictive measures associated with its spread.

Curiously, the probability of the second wave may be related precisely to the removal of quarantine.

According to experts, the weakening of restrictive measures can trigger an increase in the number of infected.

According to analysts at Goldman Sachs, this is precisely the main threat and possible obstacle to global economic growth.

We also add that in addition to this, there are other threats. Sufficiently long quarantine hit a lot of companies, and some of them may not recover from the crisis.

High probability of a wave of bankruptcies with all the ensuing consequences. Another threat is the sharp increase in unemployment, and in almost all countries.


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