Ingenuity finds heart-shaped footprints on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts are still doing their best to prove that life can exist on Mars. This time they are carefully studying the bottom of a huge and very old crater called Jezero. The NASA Ingenuity helicopter photographed the “heart” from the tracks left during the exploration by the Perseverance rover.

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Tracks in such a beautiful heart shape show the place where the rover deliberately made a small hook. Most likely, it was required to study some unique stone. After that, he returned back and continued on his way. Well, or, as one of the versions, the rover left a romantic message to its partner in the air.

The Perseverance, which reaches the size of a car, landed on Mars in February 2021. Ingenuity was attached to it. The device stopped at the bottom of the Jezero crater, where a huge lake was located for a long time, as well as a river delta.

With the help of a helicopter, the experts wanted to prove that studying Mars from the air is a very real task. At the same time, the flying device exceeded all possible expectations. Ingenuity took quite a few photographs as he flew over the rugged area called Séítah. With the help of a photo, specialists will study the rocks that are very clearly visible at the bottom of the Jezero crater. They will also be able to get more information about the Raised Ridges. Scientists are going to visit them, at least in part, to determine if there are conditions for ancient life.


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