In the Valley of the Kings, scientists found the mummies of Nefertiti and her daughters

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(ORDO NEWS) — Perhaps Zahi Hawass found the remains of Queen Nefertiti’s mummy in the Valley of the Kings.

For the last 10 years, the Egyptologist has devoted his life to the study of tombs in this area. The remains may indeed belong to one of the most powerful women of ancient Egypt.

Nefertiti lived 3400 years ago. She is still considered a standard of female wisdom and beauty. Although more and more historians are sure that the woman did not have outstanding data.

After his death, Amenhotep’s wife ruled the country for three years, and after that she disappeared somewhere without a trace. There is an assumption that the woman did not survive the plague epidemic that then spread in Egypt.

In 1999, archaeologist Marianna Luban found 3 mummies in tomb KV35. One of the bodies could belong to the powerful queen, and the other to her daughter Ankhesenamon. Their mummies have not yet been identified

The technologies of those years were very different from today’s, so it was simply impossible to conduct a normal analysis of the remains. Zahi Hawass is confident that he will now reveal the mystery of Nefertiti’s disappearance.

Today, the remains of three mummies are being studied by his expert group. Khawassa has a decent “Pharaoh’s DNA set”.

He has biomaterial of eighteenth dynasty mummies from Akhenaten to Amenhotep II. This makes it possible to restore family ties when studying the found remains.

Helping the team to identify the DNA is Dr. Yahya Gadda. They use the technology of studying the genetic material of mummies using nuclear radiation.

The Egyptologist is sure that in the next couple of months he and his team will make an amazing statement.

Scientists also said that the mummies found during the entire excavation period are only 30% of what is stored in Egyptian lands.

Many more interesting discoveries await humanity in the future. It is known from unofficial sources that the results of the examination should be announced in October 2022.


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