In the coming days, a strong magnetic storm will cover the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — The Sun is again in a very turbulent environment. The formation of a new spot, which was named AR3058, was recorded on its surface.

As a result, it provoked an incredibly strong solar flare, which experts attributed to class M. This caused a lot of solar particles to head towards our planet, capable of provoking a magnetic storm of class G2, and possibly G3, when interacting with the magnetosphere. A geomagnetic storm could happen on July 19th.

Experts believe that a new solar flare is capable of delivering a direct hit with streams of solar particles, because the spot was directed towards the Earth. NASA says that the magnetic storm will begin on July 19 and will continue until July 21.

A class M flare occurred on the surface of the Sun, which was assigned the serial number 2.9. It is worth noting that outbreaks can belong to five different classes.

Class X phenomena are considered the most powerful and dangerous. In turn, class M flare is not much weaker than X. Serial numbers are measured from 1 to 9 in each individual class of flares.

A G2 class geomagnetic storm is capable of causing serious disruptions to the operation of GPS and radio communications systems throughout the planet.

In addition, there may be problems with the operation of electronics, ground-based power systems. Also, experts suggest that quite strong auroras can appear not only in the polar latitudes.

Today, the Sun has almost reached the peak of its activity. Even now, strong explosions regularly occur on its surface, a huge amount of plasma is ejected.

Of course, they are not always directed towards our planet, but if the streams of solar particles fly towards the Earth, then this causes serious problems.

Scientists in most cases can predict the occurrence of magnetic storms in advance. They warn that in the future there will be a huge number of solar flares, and many of them will be incredibly strong.


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