In France, discovered a dangerous species of fire ants

(ORDO NEWS) — The bite of such an insect resembles a nettle burn, it is felt for three hours and can cause anaphylactic shock in allergy sufferers.

Electric ants in the vicinity of Toulon were discovered by researcher Olivier Blyth from the Mediterranean Biodiversity Institute.

“We are talking about a supercolony, so in all likelihood, the ants have been living here for more than a year.

Their strength is in numbers, ”said the scientist. He noted that in the forests of New Caledonia, where the species invaded, no other insects were found.

The small fire ant comes from Central and South America. In Europe, until recently, it was noticed only in the region of Spanish Malaga.

The eradication of colonies is associated with serious costs – the authorities of the Australian state of Queensland, where electric ants were found in 2006, spent about $ 30 million on an unsuccessful struggle.


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