In Finland, found a monument in the form of an overgrown pyramid of the Bronze Age

(ORDO NEWS) — A Bronze Age monument in the form of an overgrown stone pyramid has been discovered in Finland. It is reported by Yle.

This monument dates back to about 1500-500 BC, a more accurate date can only be obtained during excavations. Stone tomb pyramids were typical of Bronze Age Western culture.

Usually they were built from granite boulders, mined from the rock below the crest of the ridge, or collected on the site itself. More than a thousand such buildings are known in Finland.

The new pyramid, located near Turku, measures 10 meters long, seven meters wide and 40 centimeters high.

The researchers say that the original pyramid was probably taller and more compact, but over time, its stones were scattered.

Bronze Age pyramids are seen primarily as tombs, but not all of them contain a burial.

Since they are located on prominent hills, it is believed that some of them were built to demonstrate control over certain territories.


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