In Antarctica, using Google Maps found the remains of a creature

(ORDO NEWS) — On Google Maps, one of the conspiracy theorists noticed something strange. YouTuber MrMBB333 claims he found the remains of a creature that is 12 to 20 feet long. He thinks it could be a dinosaur.

The video with the incredible find was posted online and quickly gained over 40 thousand views. In the video, you can see the skeleton of a creature, which is located in a huge valley surrounded by mountains. In this case, the skeleton is intact and has no visible damage. The author of the video added that he does not know exactly how long the creature was frozen, what it is and how it got here.

Some of the users who watched the video agreed that it could be a dinosaur. Others suggested that these are the remains of a seal, the carcass of which fell inland due to the constant movement of ice. Some other users began to say that the skeleton resembles an alligator or some kind of reptile like it that could once live on land.

Conspiracy theorists have repeatedly said that there are many mysteries hidden under the ice of Antarctica, which are gradually beginning to be revealed as the amount of snow and ice decreases as a result of global warming.


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