If a man starts smoking at a young age, then his granddaughters will be obese, scientists have found

(ORDO NEWS) — If a paternal grandfather started smoking at prepubertal age, compared to later in childhood (13-16 years old), his granddaughters showed signs of excess fat.

Past research in this area has shown that exposing males to certain chemicals prior to breeding can have an impact on their offspring.

However, there have been doubts as to whether this phenomenon is present in humans and whether any apparent effects could be more easily explained by other factors.

A study published in the journal Scientific Reports found that if a paternal grandfather started smoking before puberty, compared with later childhood (ages 13-16), his granddaughters, but not grandchildren, showed signs of excess fat.

“This study gives us two important results. First, before puberty, a boy’s exposure to certain substances can have an impact on later generations.

Secondly, one of the reasons why children gain weight may not be so much related to their current diet and exercise, but to the lifestyle of their ancestors or the persistence of related factors over the years,” said the lead author. report, Professor Gene Golding.


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