Humanoid robot received another update

(ORDO NEWS) — Ameca is the brainchild of the British company Engineered Art, which produces humanoid robots for entertainment, information, education and research. Engineered Arts, a British company that makes humanoid robots.

The latest version that you see (see video below) is the second generation of the model and is equipped with more than 12 engines on the face.

This means that the robot has received more facial expressions than its predecessor. Now he can wrinkle his nose, wink and purse his lips.

Humanoid robot received another update 2

The humanoid robot is now equipped with 27 motors on its face and five more on its neck. Including 12 in the lips, two in the jaw, four in the eyeballs, four in the eyelids, four in the eyebrows and one in the nose.

Dozens of motors are also installed in its body, arms, wrists and fingers, allowing the robot to move its upper limbs. Ameca is still immobile and cannot walk.

Advanced motion capture technology allows the robot to “see” the expression of a human face and mimic it by moving its multiple motors discreetly. He is also able to move his arms.

Since its founding in 2005, Engineered Arts has come a long way. One of their first robots was RoboThespian, a charming humanoid that could recite theoretical speeches and songs, but lacked realism.

Then came the hyper-realistic Mesmer robot, which looked like a living human mannequin. However, it lacked some of the subtleties that Ameca just manages to capture.


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