Huge meteorite fell to Earth (VIDEOS)

(ORDO NEWS) — The huge asteroid, which, according to experts, was supposed to fly very close to the Earth, changed its trajectory and flew further. But another meteorite, a little smaller, reached the Earth and fell.

As it turned out, the fall of the meteorite was photographed on May 18 in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia. Local residents said that around 22:45 a large and bright object appeared in the sky above the city of Kansk. He moved with great speed, shone with a greenish light. As the object approached the Earth, according to eyewitnesses, a rumble began to grow. And then the object went out.

Residents of other regions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory also reported that they saw a luminous object that was heading towards the Earth at high speed, and then crashed down. In particular, a flying object was seen in the Kuragin, Minusinsk and Karatuz regions. Local residents said that after the fall of the object there was a very loud bang.

In the official information there is no data on the fall of the meteorite. Journalists contacted the local Ministry of Emergency Situations to find out the details, but there they were told that rescuers were not involved in meteorites.

According to astronomer Yevgeny Osherov, a meteorite most likely fell in the taiga.

“He fell into such a taiga area. He was seen in Khakassia and Kansk. He probably landed somewhere in the East Sayan region. There is a completely hopeless area for searches,” said the experts.


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