How much money can you save with solar panels

(ORDO NEWS) — Solar panels can provide you with off-grid electricity and cut your energy bills. But how effective is it, will it save money and how long will it pay off?

Solar panels in our country are not suitable everywhere. Here’s what to consider if you want to save on electricity

The cost of solar panels and their efficiency is made up of several factors. Let’s take them all in order.

Initial cost

The calculation of the cost of your solar panels will vary depending on the company, but on average for a 10 kW system, including batteries, converters, batteries and other equipment, you will pay 1.5 million rubles.

Be sure to get prices from several companies before choosing a seller company. If the cost of the entire system is too high, companies may offer a loan or installment plan.

Alternatively, there are solar lease agreements where you actually rent the solar panels but get all the energy they generate. But the benefit of this step depends on many parameters that need to be carefully calculated.

Utility payments for connecting solar panels

Even after solar panels are connected, you may receive utility bills simply for being connected to the grid. This connection is necessary so as not to lose electricity in the event of a sharp drop in the power of solar panels, lack of charge in the battery or in the event of a breakdown. The tariff for this article must also be taken into account in the calculations.

Cut costs

One way to speed up the payback of your solar panels is to sell excess energy back to the grid. It all depends on the progressiveness of your area and the electricity supplier.

With such a sale, you will not be able to receive payments, but you will be able to claim a reduction in electricity payments. So, if you don’t use a lot of energy during the summer and generate a significant surplus, you can offset some of the cost of this item for the fall or winter.


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